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soft shell jackets


Soft shell jackets have seen a huge growth in popularity over recent years and are worn by staff working in a wide range of industries. These garments are often worn outdoors with other layers during colder weather but can also be worn alone in internal environments or even outside in suitable weather conditions. They offer more breathability than hardshell waterproof garments and are noted for their flexibility. Over the years, softshell jackets have become increasingly popular with climbers and walkers. 

Outstanding breathability

A quality softshell jacket will give you ample protection from wet and challenging weather and deliver enough breathability to prevent the kind of clamminess you might experience when wearing a hardshell. The way that softshells allow air to move so freely means body heat and perspiration can be reduced substantially, even when rigorous activity occurs. Softshells are particularly suitable for scenarios where a modest amount of rain or snow is expected but there is no real chance of very wet weather occurring. Although softshells are less waterproof than hardshells, the extra breathability makes them the ideal option for many individuals. 

Affordable excellence

At Monogram, we can cater for you if you do require softshell jackets for your team or workforce. We have been in the branded workwear business for decades and are confident we can deliver the affordable comfort and excellence that you are seeking. When you source your softshell jackets from Monogram, you can either opt for off-the-shelf options complete with your unique branding or instead order totally bespoke garments. 

Truly distinctive garments 

Our Teamwork Builder facility can be found on our website and gives you a wealth of options when it comes to design, colour and style. Many managers and business owners opt to consult their workforce and let them experiment with the Teamwork Builder to ensure everyone is satisfied with the final design. You can order garments created with the Teamwork Builder in minimum quantities of just ten, and the resource can also be used to design items like shirts, t-shirts, blouses, fleeces and many more. There are numerous different colours to choose from, and you can also opt for various special branding techniques to add an extra touch of class to your order. These include heat transfer, screen printing, embroidery and heat transfer. With dye sublimation, the dye is actually absorbed into the fabric, resulting in spectacular colour and outstanding durability. 

Boost your brand with Monogram 

If you ever require other promotional products to help you enhance your brand, we can help. We are also able to provide branded items including bags, caps, lanyards and umbrellas, and we can even offer stunning web design services to help you boost your online presence considerably. You are more than welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about our bespoke softshell jackets or any of the other products we offer. To reach us today, simply give us a call on 01295 768903 or send your message to sales@monogram.co.uk



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