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Monogram custom clothing – history 

The Monogram Group Ltd has been embroidering clothing for all sizes of companies, schools, clubs and associations for the past twenty years.

In this time we have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Over the years not only have we become highly skilled in the techniques of embroidery, screen printing and dye sublimation, but we have also learned how to best promote businesses with promotional clothing and promotional merchandise.

We can place your corporate logo on any garment from an ordinary t-shirt to a performance Gore Tex jacket, or any product from a small pocket wallet to a large sports holdall bag.

Having started in the back room of our house with a basic single head machine and travelling out to small public shows, we have grown our business year upon year through our commitment to product quality and providing the best value. Many of those early customers are still with us today and it has been good to grow with them. Now we are situated in a sizeable unit just a short trip from the world famous Silverstone Racing Circuit in Northamptonshire, but we haven’t forgotten our roots.

In this website we have gathered together the most popular and best selling brands to give you the easiest choice from our stock range, whether for an incentive, a promotion or for smartening the workforce.

Many of the garments we sell from this website can also be made to your exact style and colour using our made to order service, so we can tailor and co-ordinate a range for whatever your needs (minimums will apply).


Environmental ethics: organic cotton 

The growing, harvesting and production of conventional cotton involves the use of high levels of agrochemicals (agricultural chemicals). Most agrochemicals are toxic, and in many countries the use of agrochemicals is carefully regulated and monitored. However, conventional cotton production uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop, and cotton production accounts for 16% of the world’s pesticides. In addition, the chemicals commonly used in the processing of harvested cotton can contaminate the air and water.

Organic cotton is cotton grown naturally without the aid of chemical pesticides and from cotton plants which have not been genetically modified. Crop rotation and natural fertilisers provide the crop with subsistence it needs from the soil, while any means of pest control are carefully approved.


Sustainable fasion 

Organic cotton is just an aspect of what is known as “sustainable fashion”. Sustainable fashion aims to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism, the economy and
social responsibility. In short, our products should not harm the environment or exploit foreign workers’ rights and welfare.

While we still have a little further to go before we achieve our aim, the provision of organic cotton and our support of the Fair Trade initiative means that every day we come closer and closer to reaching our goal.

Our organic sustainable fashion range includes men’s and ladies t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies.

Social responsibility: worker’s rights and welfare

Monogram takes great care to ensure that the factories we use around the world adhere to strict ethical standards. We also insist that the external suppliers we use also have the same standards. Both Monogram and our suppliers do spot checks throughout the year to ensure none of our ethical standards have been breached.

  • Prohibition of Forced Labour
    Our suppliers and/or manufacturers will not use involuntary or forced labour – indentured, bonded or otherwise.
  • Prohibition of Child Labour
    Our suppliers and/or manufacturers will not hire any employee under the age of 14, or under the age interfering with compulsory schooling, or under the minimum age established by law.
  • Hours of Work
    Our suppliers and/or manufacturers will ensure that the worked each week shall not exceed the legal limitations of the country where the product is produced.
  • Health and Safety
    Our suppliers and/or manufacturers will provide a safe and healthy factory environment. Where residential housing is provided for workers, these too shall be safe and healthy housing.

Fair trade

Monogram also supports the Fair Trade Foundation, which ensures that a fair and right price is paid to farmers and workers in the developing world, aiding their development and sustainability.

what our customers say

"We have been using Monogram for over 15 years and they consistantly deliver high quality garments with superb embroidery. They have never let us down on delivery and are a pleasure to deal with".

"We used to use another company but when they let us down we turned to Monogram and they've not only delivered but when we compared their workmanship it was far superior. We have been using them ever since".

"We required a quantity of made to order polo shirts and 1/4 zip sweats.  Their "can do" attitude was a breath of fresh air."



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